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About Us


Green City, located next to the beach in the city center of Baku, far from any noise on the seafront of the Caspian Sea, is one of the largest modern residential and leisure complexes in Azerbaijan. The Green City residential and leisure complex has been operating from 2010. The total area of ​​the complex is 20 hectares and the seaside area is 6 hectares. All the possible facilities are created in the complex with 50 meters away from the sea. Green City, with its various fruit trees and ornamental trees, is an indispensable choice for those who love comfort in the city. There are also various types of healing herbs, which were given to the residents.

The “Green City” complex includes 44 villas (2 floors and 3 floors), 3 hotels, apartments, fitness and spa center, Market, Café, Restaurant and Car Wash. Green City residential and recreational complex is designed for long term stay. Green City residential and recreational complex is one of the largest projects of FS Group Companies.

Among Green City's future projects are the “Green City Seaside” within the scope of this project, 26 villas, large restaurants, 4 residential type residences, 1 hotel, children's entertainment center and aquapark have begun to be built. The construction of the overhead passage linking “Green City” and “Green City Seaside” has also started.

For more information, see “New Projects” section

At Green City you will find the latest services for your convenience:

* 24 hours security

* Integrated internal motion card adjustment

* Souvenir and gift shop

* Library and reading hall

* Continuous energy

* Satellite antenna and TV

 * Fast internet

* Organization of travel tours

* Cleaning service

* Heating and cooling system

* Car Wash

* 24-hour auto parking with security

* Security cameras

"Green" Spa and Fitness Center, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, children's pool, sauna and steam room, jacuzzi, beauty salon, large gym, aerobics room, bicycle room, billiard, multivitamin "Green Cafe". 




The Green City Fitness Center is functioning since 2016. The fitness center, equipped with the latest modern equipment, has a dance hall, aerobic hall, boxing room, relax rooms, sauna and steam rooms. To satisfy everyone in the fitness center, our fitness instructors are ready for your services. Fitness classes, pilates and aerobics are on the basis of every organism and individual program. At the same time dance lessons are taught in Latin American style and modern dance. Lessons on kickboxing, which are so popular in our days in the Green City Fitness is featured at the highest level. After sport, relax rooms with sauna and steam rooms are available for you to relax.




Since 2016, Green City Spa has 3 baths which meet international standards: Russian Baths, Turkish Baths, and Finnish Baths.


Green Café carries out food and beverage service in the baths.


There is a traditional Japanese barrel and ice pool in the Russian bath, as well as a steam room and sauna. Here you will strengthen your muscles relaxing with warm water in the Japanese barrel in the ice pool. The leaves of the birch tree will give you comfort and relieve you from toxins so you will feel relaxed.

The large Turkish bath is composed of two parts: the first part consisting of the traditional marble silk stone and sauna, the second part has the jacuzzi and the seating area. Since the marble ribbon heating needs time, the Turkish bath should be ordered one day before. With massage and foam you will feel yourself like a sultan.

The Finnish bath built in a modern style will appeal to you with its colorfulness and possibilities. You will feel relaxed with the Italian-made jacuzzi. The salt room and special wood sauna will completely free you from toxins. Here you will find various types of massage services you can use.










Massage is a type of therapy that can be applied to the skin, muscles, internal organs, metabolism, blood circulation and lymph circulation through mechanical and nerve (reflex). You can take advantage of the following massage types at the Green City Spa. These massages, each with different methods, help relieve the body, improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, and eliminate muscle pain.


1.Classical massage


3. Curative massage

4. Mix Massage

5. Swedish massage

6. Massage with volcanic stones

7. Relaxing massage

8. Anti-stress massage

9. Anti-cellulite massage

10. Detox massage

11. Sports massage

12. Wild East Massages:


a) Shiatsu massage

b) Thai Massage

c) Indian style head massage


13. Honey massage

14. Reflexology massage

15.Lomi lomi massage






Beauty salon



The Green City Beauty Salon, along with the services of typical beauty salons, also offers family packages and offers family services. The professionals who are skilled in their field offer desirable services for father, mother and child packages with the fair prices. The Green City beauty center services are carried out properly as stated below:


Hair Cut (Female, Male and Children)

Hair dyeing

Face and eyebrow fixing




Visage (make-up)

Different types of hairstyle



The pool


Green City Hotel's indoor and outdoor pools are built in accordance with international standards. An outdoor swimming pool is available free of charge from Green City residents from every May till 15th of September. The outdoor pool is composed of two parts - for adults and children. The total length of the outdoor pool is 50 m.

The indoor swimming pool is also divided into three parts: Jacuzzi, a children's pool, a large pool. The length of the pool is 10 m, and the width of 10 m is 40-60 cm. The length of the pool is 27 m, the width is 10 m and the depth is 1m 40 cm - It is built in 1m 60 cm. There is Jakuzzi in the center of the pool, which is intended for relaxing people. Here with the help of professional trainers swimming lessons are conducted for both children and adults. There is a sauna and steam room around the pool in turn, creates a basis for relaxing people more comfortable.




Green City's football pitch meets international standards. For Green City residents it is free to use a football pitch, volleyball and tennis court.

There are also soccer competitions for Green City residents in the football field. The football pitch settings are as follows:

Width: 45 m, Length: 90 m. The football field is intended to play nine to nine. It is advisable for not only residents of Green City, but also the teams from the outside to arrange competitions by hiring a pitch.




Green City tennis court has been built in accordance with international standards. Dimensions:

A professional instructor conducts courses at the tennis center. This is also free for Green City residents. The people who are not Greene City residents, but want to use a tennis court can rent a court on the same terms.




Green Café combines Mexican and Italian cuisine. There is a Vitamin bar, a banquet hall for up to 50 people and an outdoor terrace.

Green Café hosted many events. Halloween, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Tisa Award Ceremony, Birthdays. At the same time, Green Café organizes menus for “henna” nights and “bey hamami”. The café, which operates as a professional cafe, works from 08:00 till 22:00 in the evening. The menu of the restaurant is mentioned in the following link. The taste of the dishes prepared with the use of various organic fruits and vegetables here will be greatly appreciated. Professional service and indispensable taste will make you a permanent resident of Green Cafe. From the noise of the city, you can go away without leaving the city, and there is only one place to relax.

Green Café is an indispensable place to spend the night with your family, feel the Caspian breeze, watch the romantic sunset, and relax the delicious delicacies.





There is a laundry in Green City's living center, both in the area of ​​ the residents and the fitness center, as well as the Green Cafes and Pools. Since hygiene is at a high level in Green City, the laundry is for washing and dry cleaning services with chemistry cleaning. The towels, gowns and bedding used in Green City life center are periodically changed and cleaned by laundry.





Room service


In Green City, the comfort of the residents is a priority for us. In this regard, residents of both villas and motels are an integral part of Green City, a professional team that operates any time of the day. The hostel has a residence number at which the residents are contacted at any inconvenience. Your comfort is important to us.






                                               Cleaning service


Green City Hotel is considered to be one of the primary factors of cleanliness for us. There are cleaning staff in the hotel or in the apartments that are constantly cleaning your premises. Any area of ​​the site is periodically cleaned and inspected. Ecologically friendly cleaning products territory, pools and settlements clean our recycling staff, so that serving for you.


The bar


Green City Green Bar, which is part of Green Café's surrounding outdoor pools, welcomes guests with delicious botanical cocktails along with lightweight coffee beans, lunchtime tea breaks and evening vodkas, whiskey sets and longitudinal rums. Inspired by people wanting a cleaner, more natural and healthy city Green Bar, designed with elegant modernist club style, is designed with a traditional and avant-garde design, offering a perfect service to the guests while optimistic and friendly, while the evening delivers a comfortable and lux atmosphere.





Taxi service


Green City Hotel offers taxi service thinking of residents who wants to visit city center. We offer a 7/24-taxi service, for people who for some number of reasons don’t have a private car or just don’t ride.  From now on, you feel very comfortable to visit the places you want to.


You can contact Green Taxi by calling the following numbers:




Electrical mechanics


Specialists in the field intervene in the Green City living center, whether in the area or in the villas and hotels where the residents live, if any malfunctions occur.


To benefit from this service, please contact:




IT service


If in Green City Hotel there is any malfunction in the telecommunications area within the Hotel, it will solve the problem in a short time by interfering with the IT specialist. Our goal is to ensure your constant comfort!


Contact IT specialist: +994504929898





Green market was commissioned in 2014. You can buy your daily food and product from Green Market. The assortment consists of dietary foods, overseas foods and drinks. The duration and quality of the daily use of food products is always under control.

Green market operates from 8 am to 8 pm in the morning.






The villas in the Green City residential complex are divided into three categories:


2-storey villa


Two-storeyed villas are smaller in size and are as below. The villa has 44 villas with 17 two-storey villas. The total area of ​​the villa is 216.26 sqm - 2-storeyed villas - 2 bedrooms, 2 halls, 3 sanitary junctions, a kitchen, a garage and a courtyard.


3-storey villa



Green City, with 44 villas, has 17 3-storey villas with a total area of ​​295.7 sqm. These villas are relatively large and have the following parts: 4 bedrooms, 4 sanitary units, 3 halls, 1 kitchen, 1 garage and yard area.


Luxury villa


Luxury villas differ by their size and view. However, the standard size of luxury villas is 473.3m2 and consists of the following parts: 5 bedrooms, 1 working room, 3 halls, 5-6 sanitary units, kitchen, garage and courtyard area.



Guest Houses



There are 8 rooms in the Green City guesthouses, which operates from 2016. The rooms here are designed as a two-seater and single-bedroom. Each room has a cozy kitchen and sanitary junction in the American style.





Green City apartments, which are commissioned in 2017, have a total of 8 blocks. Each apartment has ten apartments with balconies. There are 5 apartments with 2 rooms, and other 5 with 4 rooms. Here are two room apartments, and four room apartments and accordingly there are 2 and 4 sanitary junctions and a kitchen in American style in each.




Green City residential and leisure complex operates 3 hotels with 71 total rooms.


Rooms are sorted by size as follows:

16 family rooms

23 double rooms

32 single rooms

There is also a sanitary junction in the rooms. At the same time, there are kitchens on each floor, which serves 7/24 guests. The laundry room used at the entrance of each hotel is indispensable for the convenience of the guests and the cleaning service.




                                               Event and news






Halloween, known as “Holiday of Cidirs” in our language, is celebrated on October 31. This celebration marks the end of the summer and the beginning of winter. Halloween was celebrated for Green City residents on 28.08.2016.  The holiday which was celebrated at the highest level, ended with the satisfaction of the guests.


“Henna” night


Green City Spa is organized on a weekly basis at the Turkish bath section at Henna nights. Here you will find tableware, henna and music celebrations on the basis of menus. After washing, customers will relax in the Jacuzzi or navel stone. The professional therapists make your stay more relaxed, with massage and foam.



“Bay” bath



The Green City Spa Center is now home to traditional “bay” baths. Here you can find tableware based on customer menu. Greene Café serves all night long. After eating, the Japanese barrel, ice pool, sauna, steam room and wonderful jacuzzi soap foam and massage services are also provided.


New Year party


 New Year's party was held on 31.12.2016 at Green City's living center. The purpose of Party was to create a good mood for the residents. The Swedish-style tables opened here for a decent space for decent people. The residents and staff had great night that was held with great music.





                                               New projects


The Green City has a sufficient number of projects. One of them is a 5-storey and 9-storey dwelling house. The opening of the 5-storey building is expected at the beginning of 2017. Our future projects will include a new residential complex - villas, hotels, dwellings and pools, which will be built in the offshore area.

Among Green City's future projects is the Green City Seaside. Within the scope of this project, 26 villas, large restaurants, 4 residential type residences, 1 hotel, children's entertainment center and aquapark have begun to be built. The construction of the overhead passage linking Green City and Green City Seaside has also started.