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Please read the following points, prior your next appointment.The spa environment is one of tranquil area of our property. Please respect the quiet and privacy of other guests by speaking in a soft voice or simply enjoying the silence. We kindly request you to refrain from using your mobile phone and camera while enjoying the spa.
For any inquiries or information regarding the spa, please dial +994(77)2777481/82  from your room. Please be informed that our Turkish bath are privacy-based, to ensure your privacy, we need you to make a reservation prior to your arrival.

Opening Times:
Spa Facilities: daily from 09:00 to 22:00
Fitness Centre: daily from 07:30 to 22:00
*The Green Fitness & Spa welcomes children under 12 years old to enjoy the indoor pool facilities.
*Fitness facilities are only available for our guests over 16 years old.


Indulge Your Sense


An advanced booking is highly recommended to ensure preferred times are available, particularly if you choose to enjoy multiple bookings during your stay. The spa provides walk-in bookings upon availability.

We invite you to advise us of any special preferences, concerns, or focus areas to make the most out of your experience when making your reservation and during your treatment.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment. A medical check form needs to be filled by our guests prior to any treatments to avoid any contradictions.


We invite you to our spa for a private consultation to determine your needs and to allow us to design your treatment experience. Your personalized package will be tailor-made with suitable treatments, techniques and products.

Cancellation and Change Policy

Please give us a three-hour notice for cancellations or changes for all treatments. Cancellations within the three-hour notice period will be charged for 50% of the treatment price to your room account.

Late Arrival

Please be informed that a late arrival will deprive you of your treatment time. As a courtesy to the next guest, your appointment will end as originally scheduled.


Our guests between 0 - 11 years are more than welcome to our spa with their parents to ensure a spa ambiance of well-being. Teenagers from 12 - 16 can enjoy our treatments under their parents' supervision.

Chill Out Lounge

As your treatment continues to benefit both body and mind, we invite you to rest and recuperate in our comfortable loungers. Lay down to relax and embody your experience. Stay as long as you like.

Spa Boutique

A vital part of the Spa Experience is the opportunity to re-create a spa regime at home. Our Spa boutique provides all of the high-end professional spa products used within your spa experiences. In addition our Boutique offers a wide range of spa amenities, candles, parfums,clothes, gift sets and unique spa apparel and accessories.


Indulge Your Sense


Massage & Therapy


This is a slow, gentle full-body massage using a variety of aromatic oils ,endowing both spiritual and physical relaxation.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Manual Lymph Drainage

The purpose of the lymph drainage is to reactivate the body’s lymph system. The lymph does not only have the affect of discharging the water in the body, softening it and removing the toxins, but it is also the carrier of the whole defense system of the organism.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Green Spa Signature Massage

This is a muscle-relaxing and stress-relieving massage incorporating both soft and strong techniques.
The goal is to relax the tissues by massaging them with your choice of aromatic oils.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Sports Massage

This massage is creative and relaxing. The primary aim of this massage is to accelerate blood circulation. The muscle, nerve and vertebrae are treated with ice compresses and supporting bandages.
Special sports massage techniques are applied, the muscles are strengthened, muscle functions are measured tennis arms are treated, etc.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Traditional Bali Massage

This deep-pressure massage originating from Bali uses medium-depth strokes and focuses on the body’s pressure points to reach sub-surface layers of the muscles. This massage helps to relieve muscle tension and subtly balances the body’s energy for a heightened sense of well being
30 / 25 min Price: upon request


This is a concentrated foot message performed using special techniques. By focusing on specific points on your feet, any tension that you have can be relieved.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

La Stone Therapy

A massage based on ancient Indian healing methods, in which stones of hot basalt and cold marble are placed on the body’s energy points. The pressure and temperature of the stones help to improve blood circulation in the tissue and relieve stubborn tensions.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Thai Massage

Pressure is applied on specific points in order to jump-start body’s energy flow and reduce the stress on the muscles. The massage concludes with stretching the whole body on a comfortable floor mattress.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Thai Blend Massage

The Thai Blend Massage uses medium to strong massage pressure. These techniques are specifically designed to stimulate circulation and improve flexibility. The aromatic of hot oil massage with gentle stretching and pressure points relieve tired muscles and to improve blood circulation for a noticeable sense of calm and which is experienced both physically and mentally.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request


The name of this traditional Japanese treatment means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu is performed as the guest lies on the floor in comfortable attire. The expert therapist relaxes the stressed areas of the body with his or her hands, knees and feet, removing aches and discomfort.
30 / 25 min Price: upon request


Massage & Therapy

Classic Face Treatments

Enjoy a skin cleansing, deep cleansing with vapour and peeling after a skin test. The individual care The Individual Care Programme is suitable for every type of skin, frees the skin from toxins, moisturizes it and gives it a soft and silky appearance. Combined with different care types, Classic Care Programmes relieve swelling and wrinkles and return the skin to its lively appearance. The Classic Skin Care Programmes include the "Men's Care" Programme special for men.
30 min Price: upon request

Anti-Aging Face Treatments

These programmes involve essences that contain collagen, a substance necessary for skin support that increases the generation of anti-aging hormones in the skin. Pure collagen intensely moisturizes and tightens the skin, smoothening wrinkles and clarifying facial features.. The natural aging process of the skin is slowed down.
• Vitale Anti-Age
• Vitale Hydratante
• Hyaluronique
• Peptide Lifting
30 / 25 min Price: upon request

Special Eye Treatments

This treatment provides softening and refreshing care for the sensitive area around the eyes. Lymphatic drainage is conducted to soften the area around the eyes during care
30 min Price: upon request

Special Gold Face Treatments

Pure gold is a secret used by priviliged and wealthy people for centuries in order to have young and beautiful skin. The developments in technology and chemical industry make it possible to use this ancient secret today, too. Moreover, you don’t need to be a queen anymore to use to this secret. Gold prevents the sagging of the skin by slowing down the potent inhibitors of collagen and elastin corruption. Creating a robust and healthy skin cells by triggering cell proliferation in the basal layer provides a tightening effect on the skin.The skin with gamma-PGA is removed with the formula of gold superior hydration. While keeping skin smoother and more elastic, the formula moisturizes and gives the skin a glowing appearance. Gold helps to prevent premature aging of the skin by fighting free radicals that can harm skin.Provides gleaming skin and glittering appearance
30 min Price: upon request


Massage & Therapy

Body Treatments

Feel the power of nature on your body. You will almost notice the energy right from your kitchen to your body. Your whole body will experience pampering, intense moisture and minerals with the delicious scents of the delicatessen series.

• Selection Wrapped in Yoghurt Mousse
• Thermal Combination of Citric Fruit in Red Wine
• Chocolate Fondue Souffle with Coffee Aroma
• Mixture Served with Vanilla and Coconut
30 / 45 min Price: upon request

Blood Circulation Body Treatments

For intensive silhouette refining, this gel wrap is rich in marine minerals and vitamins and detoxifies the body. It is ideal for firming slack muscle tone and relieving tired and heavy legs.
30 / 45 min Price: upon request

Firming Local Body Treatment

This treatment protects against the loss of skin elasticity and can return the body to its original form for professional women wanting to maintain epidermis tissue isometrically. It protects binding proteins, determines the contours of the skin and prevents the loss of elasticity.
30 min Price: upon request

Special Gold Face Treatments

This special ritual provides skin rejuvenation and tightening with gold maintenance. The effects will be indispensable with the special oils, minerals and in-depth hydration caused by the products. Intense skin moisturizers increase elasticity to uplift the body. Subsequently, a silky feeling is obtained with aromatic massage oils, leaving a wonderful scent.
30 min Price: upon request

Remodelling & Slimming Body Treatments

Coloured mud masks made using red and grey mud are used on the area according to the regional needs of the body. Body building is a way of activating the region in line with your needs. Your body will be tightened and feel thinner. Starting with a peeling and continuing with an active fitness massage, the mask is applied to the activated regions. The mask is applied to the activated regions. Active intense massage movements create slimming and firming effects in the regional areas of your body.
30 min Price: upon request